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Welcome to the campaign wiki. I’ll start with a disclaimer of sorts regarding the name of it.

Osalo himself is but one of the major players in this world. At the time of the creation of this wiki, he was the only thread that linked the two parties of adventurers together, aside from the fact that they took place on the same planet. The options at the time were to name the planet or just call the campaign “Osalo,” since it was the only thing people remembered about the old 3.5 campaign anyway. So here we are. Would you believe I still haven’t gotten around to naming the planet?

Feel free to do as you like with your characters, if you’re looking for inspiration you can take a look at mine and consider it a template. It only just occurred to me, but the “crunch” category would be a perfect place to just export the text of your character from the Character Builder. I plan on doing so eventually, although I like the “Build Class. Feat, feat. Equip, equip.” system as well for its brevity.

Also, I will either keep using this page as a sort of news page, or maybe I’ll make a news page.


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