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  • minotaur

    Hooves or feet? I'm tempted to go the Dragonlance route and say feet just to be different.

  • peak dwarf

    Hm, I forgot I had written up this potential peak dwarf when I decided to just use the goliath crunch instead. I'm gonna stick with using goliath stats, they work and there's feats made up. Th old thing is staying here for now since I liked some of the …

  • elf

    Over a thousand years ago, the scattered elven communities began to hide themselves from their boisterous human neighbors. The last great elven city, Atoriel, disappeared without a trace, until it was discovered years later to have been teleported piece …

  • halfling

    HILL FOLK: Also called halflings, hobbits, wanderlings, and the like. We all know what they are, and I use the terms interchangeably. As in PHB, except:
    Fool's Luck: A common saying of the Hill Folk is, "better lucky than good." A halfling may reroll …

  • Dragonborn

    So uncommon, they act as most people think they should. A brutish walking cliche.

  • Deva

    Many seem pompous and arrogant. Most Devas can remember why they arrive but know they wish to return for some greater purpose.

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