This hardy dwarf will bear any assault and brave any depth in search of ancient relics


Dwarf Battlemind|Fighter/Shaman. Versatile Expertise (Hammers & Axes), Dwarven Weapon Training, Melee Training (Constitution), Spirit Talker, Mending Spirit, Hybrid Talent (Battlerager Vigor & Combat Superiority), Dwarven Durability, Paragon Defenses. Sacrificial Craghammer, Rebounding Shield, Cloak of the Walking Wounded


Düren MacValgar was born in the mountainous dwarf-lands north of the Three Cities area and spent his early life on a successful New Deposits team, which he eventually came to lead. When one of his expeditions led to the discovery of a cache of artifacts and he was not allowed to keep a single one, he abandoned the company and struck off on his own in search of relics and adventure.

He met Artie several years ago when he tangled with some of The Untervostslagerduund while searching out relics in the Forcas area.

His combat style is an amalgam of self-taught techniques cobbled together to survive brushes with the dangerous denizens often encountered when scouring the undermountain depths for untapped minerals. His psionic potential was manifested during an unfortunate encounter with illithid early in his career. Like many dwarven excavators, he learned to commune with earth spirits to speed the search for deposits and stay aware of assorted underground dangers. His instincts to defend his allies are a holdover from his days as an expedition leader, when he was responsible to bring everyone back home from a job.


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