Minotaur Fighter with a keen eye for business opportunities


Fighter. Armor proficiency(plate), Shield defense, Student of battle. Dynamic longsword, full plate, large shield.


Kintiros Cosgrove was born into a great military family on the Isle of Toseura. His father, a famous general, was ashamed of Kintiros and disowned him when after his compulsory tour, which he served mostly on active campaign and with distinction, Kintiros refused to continue his military career and instead apprenticed under a family friend who ran a tiny merchant fleet. Kintiros idolized his master and inherited the business when he died suddenly of an illness, but he was shocked to learn that the business had actually been running deeper and deeper into debt for years, a fact hidden by his mentor. He abandoned his master’s company and started his own, leaving the island in search of new opportunities… Cosgrove Opportunities.

While his recent endeavors have seen him relying on his sword arm once again, Kintiros remains confident that his next break is just around the corner.


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