Balasar Pulverus

Dragonborn Battlerager Vigor Fighter


Balasar is a brute in plate armor, using a greataxe and wears a helmet that of a gladiator. When suprised, fire shoots forth his mouth encompassing enemies and taste morsels in his path.


Having been raised by humans, Balasar was taught that food equals love. Balasar’s adopted parents only knew of dragons from stories and lengends, which explains why Balasar is a personified cliche. When Balasar was 15, both of his adopted parents died in a fiery accident that was not Balasar’s fault. Regardless, he was blamed. Out of charity, the library took him in and gave him a job. Balasar’s adopted parents were the last descendents of the once noble family who donated the land to the library many years ago – a fact of which only the library’s curator is aware.Balasar walks in a very brutish manner. He dislikes most furniture because when raised by humans, the human furniture was not adequate. (Furniture Beware) Human furniture serves as a constant reminder that he is different. Because of his size, Balasar wears fopish loose clothing in public. He is single-minded when confronted with obsticles which makes him a brilliant tactician and strategist. Nobody knows because of his size and strength, Balasar is only 15 years old. He is in reality an immature teenager who does stupid things for attention.Balasar has his own home, though all the furniture is destroyed within. The once bed now resembles a nest where Balasar feels at home. Those who run the library have been especially nice to Balasar, who feels profoundly grateful. Balasar’s companions include several non-humans as well. A magical kobolt, a furry duckman, a healing dwarf, a half orc (the other half being questionable) and a human. (Both the ranger and the swordmage are human and Balasar thinks they are the same person. To him, all humans look somewhat alike.)

Balasar Pulverus

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