This elderly man with an unsettling demeanor is tougher than he looks


Human Swordmage. Focused Expertise: Bastard Sword, Hide Armor Proficiency, Bastard Sword Proficiency


In his younger days, Vortimalion was a soldier for the nation of Mildain and later a city guard. Later he would try his hand at a variety of unrelated vocations, including carpenter, alchemist, banker, fortune teller, and caravan leader. Currently he lives in Forcas working as a gardener for the Academy as well as accepting occasional missions from the GFL.

Vortimalion is tall with a white beard and long, neat white hair. He wears a heavy red robe and red pointy wizard hat. This Fizban-esque attire often leads to his foes’ surprise when he draws his sword to wade into melee.


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