A jokey demeanor and easygoing attitude belie this pious dwarf's crusading agenda


Fighter|Cleric/Avenger. Hybrid Fighter Talent, Dwarven Weapon Training, Hero of Faith. Chainmail, Execution Axe.


Goedenfjard MacDoogal was born and raised in the mountainous dwarf-lands of the north. His fanatical sect believes that dwarves were once the dominant race of the world, and point to the great many mysterious dungeons all over the continent as evidence. Therefore it is also believed that the contents of these dungeons must all be brought back to the dwarves’ mountain halls in the north. This leads them down two paths: an exploratory manifest that drives them to the bottoms of the deepest, darkest dungeons to reclaim their artifacts from times forgotten, and a crusading jihad to reclaim items pilfered from these dungeons by non-dwarves.

‘Denfjard,’ as he is often called by people who are not mistaking him for other dwarves, has been given a mission to reclaim ancient holy texts believed to be in the possession of the GFL. As yet, he is unsure how to approach this task.


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