Wilhelm Vorus

A young archer motivated by spite to rise through the ranks of the Forcas elite


Beastmaster Ranger. Weapon focus(bow), superior weapon proficiency(greatbow), weapon expertise (bow), distant advantage, lethal hunter, action surge. Rebounding greatbow, Snakefang hide armor.


Born into a middle-class family in the city of Forcas, Wilhelm has been following in the footsteps of his father Arden for most of his life, even as far as taking the same job as a sharpshooter working for the Greater Forcas Library. Despite this, Arden has never had any faith in his son’s abilities or work ethic. But while his father is content to remain a collections agent forever, Wilhelm’s current goal is to rise in the ranks of the Library high enough fire his father and use his position to weasel himself into the ranks of Forcas’s social elite.

Although he may have an ambivalent attitude towards his father, Wilhelm has always idolized his late grandfather Vilyard the Bald. A legendary archer trained in the Deepwoods tradition, Vilyard is named second of the four rangers who collected their expertise into the original Great Wilderness Field Guide. (Wilhelm currently possesses the first version of this book, handwritten by the four. It is probably priceless.) Vilyard gave his grandson Griselda as a spiderling, which he raised until his father Arden made him set her free because she’d grown huge and terrifying. Wilhelm would reunite with her years later.

Wilhelm is tall and thin. He keeps his straight black hair shortish and wears a trim goatee, which he thinks is rather dashing (it isn’t). His clothes are neat but utilitarian, with a long reversible cloak to help him escape notice in urban and natural environs. His natural inclination is to perform tasks “by the book,” but recent events have caused him to embrace more pragmatic methods. A militaristic upbringing (including time spent as a scout in the army at a very young age) has left Wilhelm with a preference for law over chaos, although it has also left him with a somewhat cavalier attitude regarding taking lives.

Griselda is a giant tarantula whose species is not typically found anywhere near the Three Cities area. Her thick fur ranges from brown to black depending on the season and her environs. Wilhelm has adorned her with a large pink bow. Her species does not spin webs, but are silent predators, nimble climbers, and powerful jumpers. Her large forefangs can release a venom that is painful, but not paralytic. The species is essentially a Goliath Bird Eating Spider with a 5-foot diameter footprint, so about 4 feet tall. If you don’t think that’s friggin’ scary, watch the first ten seconds of this: Goliath vs mouse and then imagine the spider is as big as a coffee table.

Wilhelm Vorus

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