13th day of Temerus, 19th year of the 37th King

Deeper and deeper we go. The ever-growing list of Outlandish Maladies I Have Suffered Due To My Questionable Career Path gains a new entry as I am possessed by the vengeful, millenia-old spectre of an elf. They say that old legends often have a grain of truth to them, but I think it’s fair to be a bit surprised when you discover firsthand that one of those legends is actually 100% true. Just as we wrap our minds around the fact that elves really existed thousands of years ago, we get to be proven wrong again by meeting a living, breathing elf. Trapped in a magical cage and sustained by a magic belt for millennia, he begs us to find a way to let him out. I’m all for helping him, if only to stop Kodjif from finding some way to make a million gold off of him.

But seriously… thousands of years alone in a cell? I’d have taken the belt off.



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