A Warm Welcome

11th day of Temerus, 19th year of the 37th King

After being tormented by the sight of its high stone pillars for many miles, we arrive at the oasis. A squad of Untervostlaagerduund foot soldiers, artillery, and a mentalist are waiting for us. We defeat them. The mentalist exchanges information for his life, and we let him go. We are told of a shadow creature which was snatching and eating Untervosts under cover of night. Figuring we’d run afoul of it eventually, we lie in wait around the false well for it to emerge for more food. After an hour, a vicious BSF begins to howl around us; fortunately the ancient stone obelisks work as advertised. After about another hour, the creature emerges. We lay into it with all our arms, but it is a very dangerous creature, with seeming control over the lower aspects of Madness. We chase it back into its hole and are nearly beset upon by the stone guardians of whatever structure lies under the false well. Ricki at last scorches the shadow to death and we retreat to the surface. Cross-referencing my field guide to a Howitt’s Manual of Others, I believe we have slain a Malevelous Diabolos: “Demon Furor.”



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