14th day of Temerus, 19th year of the 37th King

I am losing track of time. We press deeper, engaged in constant battle. When we surface to rest, I have no idea whether to expect day or night. On occasion, the sun is blocked out by sandstorm, making the whole idea of daylight irrelevant anyway.

15th day of Temerus, 19th year of the 37th King

It may be the 16th, I have lost track of time. We are coming into contact with the most dangerous creatures I have ever before seen. It might be closer to say they have come in contact with me, multiple times with painful results, and the resulting bouts of unconsciousness are not helping me with keeping the date straight. Phil is not so much a competent medic as he is an efficient system of distribution for Ricki’s boundless vigor. It works out well anyway – Kage and Grim get to take their repeated beatings, and Ricki isn’t so hard to put down for nap time.

?th day of Temerus, 19th year of the 37th King

The tragedy, they say, of my line of work is as follows: “Let your friend go off on his own for a drink of water and you’ll never see him again. But drive your sword into the chest of your worst enemy, and get ready to hear from him every other week.” Fancy Hat, animated by an unknown party, falls to our arms a second time. A demon claiming to be brethren to Eera, a powerful devil re-sealed by my comrades in a pyramid buried in this same desert, was roused by the scent of her demonic power, which Ricki bends to his needs. Who will it be next? I will be checking every darkened room I enter from now on for angry re-animated House Balta goons and their brothers, sisters, nieces, and half-cousins.

We unwittingly rekindle and step amidst a battle between a dragon and an elven vampire. We vaguely know what the vampelves(elfpires?) were up to, but what was the dragon doing down here? Who stopped the fight, sent someone to their coffin without dinner and the other to a stony prison, unlocked by a pair of magic maguffins in this very tomb, and left the two to rest eternally, not 10 yards from each other? These mysteries, being the sort of problem not easily solved by filling something with arrows, will never be solved by me personally. Griselda thinks that my interests are too narrow, but I think that is silly because she is just a giant spider.

In classic form, we run afoul of a Remorhaz. We are all nearly made a meal, except for Ricki, who thinks that we are being overly dramatic about it. For the first time, I am able to add to the Field Guide. I add a footnote about escaping its stomach, a concern my fleet-footed grandfather was apparently able to bypass.

?th day of Temerus, 19th year of the 37th King

It would seem I can go back to saying I have never met a real live elf. The occupant of that magical cage is in fact a demon with a grudge against Artimus. An indeterminate amount of time ago, he killed Kodjif, and it would seem has been running Vindghast in his stead. When he got word from Kodjif’s old friend Artie to take us in and put us to work, he saw an opportunity to bust Artie’s balls by killing us. He even brings in Balasar to help finish the job, but thinking quickly, I fill him with arrows. It would seem the whole grudge situation is taken care of for now, but the bigger forces at play here would appear to be the perhaps millennia-old story of this this tomb.

Here’s what I’ve got so far: the elves and the dwarves once both lived in the area known today as the Thoraeos Desert, but before it was a desert. A group of cultist dwarves tried to unleash the powerful devil Eera upon the material plane, but were foiled. By whom, we’re not sure. The Obsidian Lance could have been dwarfish- or elven-made. Elsewhere, before or after we don’t know, a schism erupted between elves. One side turned itself into vampires, some of which stayed in the tomb. The others went away somewhere. At some point the land was turned into desert by sealing away the water underground and roiling up the wind with four runed pillars. For what it’s worth, we seem to have deactivated the pillars, calmed the winds, and released the water. Time will tell if the desert becomes verdant again.


13th day of Temerus, 19th year of the 37th King

We run afoul of a giant, magical troll. This is exactly as bad as it sounds. It may have been a vampire, although I did not get to go down the whole “You May Be Fighting A Vampire If…” checklist. We are forced to rest for several hours while I nurse my wounds. I get no sympathy from Griselda, who is clearly of the opinion that between the two of us, I obviously have the easier job.


13th day of Temerus, 19th year of the 37th King

Deeper and deeper we go. The ever-growing list of Outlandish Maladies I Have Suffered Due To My Questionable Career Path gains a new entry as I am possessed by the vengeful, millenia-old spectre of an elf. They say that old legends often have a grain of truth to them, but I think it’s fair to be a bit surprised when you discover firsthand that one of those legends is actually 100% true. Just as we wrap our minds around the fact that elves really existed thousands of years ago, we get to be proven wrong again by meeting a living, breathing elf. Trapped in a magical cage and sustained by a magic belt for millennia, he begs us to find a way to let him out. I’m all for helping him, if only to stop Kodjif from finding some way to make a million gold off of him.

But seriously… thousands of years alone in a cell? I’d have taken the belt off.

Ancient secrets

12th day of Temerus, 19th year of the 37th King

We descend the fake well again in the morning and set straight about dispatching the stony defenders. After breaking two of them and an animated mass of bones, the others regain their stony perches and we move on in an uneasy ceasefire. Deeper in, we encounter and slay a giant cyclops, who relinquishes a gem that allows Grim to read the strange script we have been seeing inside these ruins. Unsurprisingly, we are in a tomb. I say unsurprisingly, but I suspect I have spent significantly more time in tombs than your average person (who is still alive).

A Warm Welcome

11th day of Temerus, 19th year of the 37th King

After being tormented by the sight of its high stone pillars for many miles, we arrive at the oasis. A squad of Untervostlaagerduund foot soldiers, artillery, and a mentalist are waiting for us. We defeat them. The mentalist exchanges information for his life, and we let him go. We are told of a shadow creature which was snatching and eating Untervosts under cover of night. Figuring we’d run afoul of it eventually, we lie in wait around the false well for it to emerge for more food. After an hour, a vicious BSF begins to howl around us; fortunately the ancient stone obelisks work as advertised. After about another hour, the creature emerges. We lay into it with all our arms, but it is a very dangerous creature, with seeming control over the lower aspects of Madness. We chase it back into its hole and are nearly beset upon by the stone guardians of whatever structure lies under the false well. Ricki at last scorches the shadow to death and we retreat to the surface. Cross-referencing my field guide to a Howitt’s Manual of Others, I believe we have slain a Malevelous Diabolos: “Demon Furor.”

"Clever Fox" Arc: the story so far

At the start of the arc, Balasar Pulverus, Naivara,Phillip Scrimshander,Wilhelm Vorus, Kage, MacMiller, and Icki Ricki Rinko are in the city of Vindghast, doing mercenary work for Kodjif Ed Halzar, “the Fox”, an old associate of Artimus. The following are excerpts from the journal of Wilhelm Vorus.

5th day of Temerus, 19th year of the 37th King

In the morning we are summoned by one of Kodjif’s aides. Mac cannot be roused. According to my field guide, he may have contracted Eastern Sun Fever. He is left to rest for now, and will be fine; evidence has shown the dwarf to be near-unkillable, and fast to recover. In the Fox’s chambers (small yet ostentatious, like Kodjif himself), we arrive last to what appears to be a mission briefing. Gathered in the room are two other parties of adventurers like ourselves, a dwarf wearing the garb of an Untervostlaagerduund Mid-Commander, and a weasel-like man wearing a fanciful hat (I am later told that this man is a rival of Kodjif).

The mission is seemingly straightforward; we are to secure an oasis believed to be overrun by an unknown hostile force, possibly just Monsters. We are told to leave now to take advantage of the current lull in sandstorms. At the next lull, Kodjif plans to take a unit to the oasis, and pay a large sum for clearing out the hostiles. Displaying his usual cavalier attitude towards bloodshed, Kodjif has needlessly complicated this mission by hiring three more groups than necessary. All but one group seem as though they will have to be dealt with forcefully. After the other groups have left the briefing, I tell Kodjif that our resident holy man is out of commission. He introduces us to an alchemist named Philip to fill his shoes for this mission. As we turn to leave Kodjif also requests to hire Balasar as a personal bodyguard. Halfway through my explanation of why we cannot afford to lose the dragonborn if we hope to complete this mission, I see Balasar has already made his decision as he gnaws on a large ham hock lifted from one of the spreads in Kodjif’s chambers. I let it go – I do not trust the Fox and a man on the outside may save our hides.

There is a commotion outside. The street is in full-on melee as Fancy-Hat’s men are advancing on the adventuring party led by the large man in spiked armor. The large man dispatches them easily so they turn to strike at us as we leave, thinking us easier targets. We slay Fancy-Hat and his men as both other adventuring parties look on. The Untervosts are nowhere to be seen. We seek temporary respite in a building along the road, but the man in spiked armor tells us we’re next. Bound by honor, or perhaps more likely cursed with overconfidence, the man allows us to catch our breath. It is a brutal fight, but he and his comrades are slain as well.

6th day of Temerus, 19th year of the 37th King

We leave town but are hardly a day out when mild storms halt our progress. We are lucky it is not a full-on “BSF.” Griselda does not seem to mind the heat, but she detests the sand. I do not blame her.

7th day of Temerus, 19th year of the 37th King

We run afoul of the other party. The leader hurls his javelin at Philip the second he hails him. We slay the lot of them, as well as a troll drawn there by the smell of blood.

8th day of Temerus, 19th year of the 37th King

We are forced to hunker down again. I hope we can make it to the oasis before a big one comes. I try not to think about the possibility that its “magical, BSF-stopping powers” are merely a myth.

9th day of Temerus, 19th year of the 37th King

A strange creature blocks our path. It posits us a riddle to let us pass, which Kage bafflingly knows the answer to. The whole charade breaks down and it attacks anyway. It’s a difficult battle, and the creature escapes. I wish dearly to make it pay for its ruse. We also run afoul of, and defeat, a dangerous member of desert fauna which my field guide calls a “bulette.”

10th day of Temerus, 19th year of the 37th King

Gnolls have set up a shakedown point on the path ahead. I learned everything you will ever need to know about gnolls when I was young: they will kill you if they get bored of robbing you, and they get bored very easily. This time we make no attempt to parley, and slay the wretched beasts. Searching their corpses, I am surprised to learn that the Untervosts decided to pay the toll.

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